6PR Radio interviewed me on why people should vote Family First

Ahead of the July 2 Federal election, Gary Adshead spoke to candidates Henry Heng from the Family First Party, Dr Chris Howard from the Cyclists First Party, Nicki Hyde from Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party and Michael Baldestone from the Hemp Party.


The Orange Party

It was an orange splash as volunteers, dressed in their brightly coloured Family First t-shirts poured into the dinner hall last night. The spirit of Family First was in the air as we laughed, chatted and ate. Even the orange evening sun quickly joined in and flooded the place with its warmth and welcome.

DSC_0373 group photo

DSC_0363 henry speaks

DSC_0336 thankgiving dinner from above

I would like to reiterate my thanks to all my helpers. You have been my (much needed) extra hands and legs. You have built up the image of Family First by your great support throughout the campaign and on the election day itself. We have worked hard and established good ground for the next election. Together, we put our best feet forward for Family First!


Elections are now over and it’s time to take a deep breath after all the campaigning. This is my first time running for election to government. I got involved in politics to have the opportunity to make a difference in Australia and even though we didn’t get a seat this time, the experience was one that I won’t forget.

The YouTube video has had over 16k viewers. Wow! We never imagined that we could spread the name of Family First so far and wide. We hope you enjoyed the jingle and it brightened your day.

Most of all, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all my family, friends, volunteers, supporters, and those who voted for me. Without help from so many of you, we would never have achieved as much as we did. Thank you so much for journeying with me in this election experience. I am disappointed that the hard work had not been translated to votes. However, we have truly fought the good fight and have finished the race. That is what matters most!

I rally for your continuous support for Family First. Together, we can make a difference.

Henry Heng

The Heng Effect

“The Heng Effect” – a term coined by WAtoday in an article published yesterday.

Let’s hope that this particular Heng has made an effect as voting starts today. Yes, it is the BIG DAY so everyone make your way to the polling booths and fill out those numbers.

Spot the Family First team, making their rounds in bright orange shirts. They are friendly, say hello. You can perhaps even sing the jingle to them – might brighten up their day.

For those supporters of Henry Heng and the policies that he stands for, here’s how to vote:


NORTH METROPOLITAN REGION ELECTORAL DISTRICTS: Balcatta, Butler, Carine, Churchlands, Cottesloe, Girrawheen, Hillarys, Joondalup, Kingsley, Nedlands, Ocean Reef, Perth, Scarborough, Wanneroo

Thanks a lot for your support, and let’s start getting these elections rolling!