Henry’s profile

Henry Heng is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Refresh Group Ltd. Refresh offers complete drinking water solutions – bottled water, water filters and purifiers. It is the largest producer of distilled water in Australia.  It started in Perth in 1997 with Henry as a founding shareholder and director. Growing rapidly, it was listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in 2006. It has factories in Perth, Kalgoorlie, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Toowoomba.

Henry started his career in banking and is an Associate of The Chartered Institute of Bankers, London.  He subsequently held management positions in multi-national corporations.  Henry’s experience extends to small and medium enterprises, being founding partner of a chain of child care centres and a distribution business in Singapore.  He was a licensed securities dealer with the Singapore Stock Exchange. His extensive experience includes businesses with many Asian countries.

Henry is active in social and community services and was a volunteer migration agent.  He was on the Board of Grace City Church for 11 consecutive years. Henry subsequently sat on the governing council of Edith Cowan University for 3 years and was also a member of their Resources Committee. He is currently Honorary Secretary of the Family First Party WA and the Full Gospel Business Australia, Perth Chapter.

Henry holds a Master of Business Administration from Edith Cowan University, a Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management from Singapore Institute of Management and a Professional Diploma in Banking from The Chartered Institute of Bankers. He is bilingual in English and Chinese, including the Cantonese, Hokkien and Teochew dialects.

Henry has lived in the North Metropolitan Region for more than 20 years. He has been happily married to Cara for 34 years. Cara is a registered psychologist and ordained minister of the Australian Christian Churches. They have 2 adult daughters, one a lawyer and the other a senior account manager.


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