Excited to be featured on ABC News

WA election: Meet the micro party candidates most likely to win seats
By Laura Gartry


“Born in Singapore, conservative Christian Henry Heng, 61, owns a successful bottled water business in Perth’s north.

Despite never setting foot inside WA’s Parliament House, he is no stranger to elections, running in the last state election and three federal polls. Mr Heng has a strong chance of being elected in the region, as the Liberal Party has preferenced him first, above One Nation.

He is a long-term member of the evangelical Grace City Church in Osborne Park, which he said was the main reason he chose to migrate to Perth 21 years ago.

Mr Heng’s top priorities are job creation, housing affordability and stimulating the economy. But it is his party’s social policies that have attracted attention in the past, including its views on divorce, same-sex marriage and blended families.

Family First claims there are many detrimental factors associated with de facto living arrangements and divorce.

“Parental divorce reduces the likelihood that children will graduate from college, and achieve high-status jobs,” the WA website states.

“Marriage appears to reduce the risk that children and adults will be either perpetrators or victims of crime.

“Children who live with their own two married parents enjoy better physical health, on average, than children in other family forms.”

But when these claims were raised with Mr Heng, he said he did not support them.

Mr Heng said while he believed “strengthening the family unit is good for the children”, he acknowledged divorce was inevitable when a relationship had broken down.

“I will certainly take that up with the federal office because unless I see statistics on that, I’m not convinced … I will definitely get that looked into,” he said.”

The article can be found here.



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