Your Family is First

This is it! Your family is first! Family First and Henry work hard for your families in 2 areas:


With a name like ‘Family First’, the message is clear. Families are our priority, and we aim for every family to be strong in finances and support. For everyone to have a home, a job, finances under control, and a secure environment.

Sounds simple enough? Well, not really. According to various news sources, housing prices are expected to skyrocket, making it more difficult for families to afford rent and mortgages. Family First will fight to make housing more affordable for you, remove zoning restrictions to make way for more houses, create more wealth for you, reduce house rates by not paying for additional services and amenities and remove barriers that prevent people from entering into the workforce. 

Below are some statistics and news snippets regarding the rise in Perth house prices.

The Sunday Times, 13 Dec 2012:
“Australian house prices are forecast to rise next year as increased affordability and interest rate cuts entice buyers into the market, according to a property industry report. And it’s Perth that’s leading the charge, with house prices expected to rise between 5 and 7 per cent in the west next year.”

The West Australian, 31 Jan 2013:
“Growing confidence in the WA economy has helped underpin a surge in Perth house prices, which are tipped to return to record highs within months. Perth’s median house price rose 2.5 per cent in the December quarter and 6.1 per cent for the year, according to an Australian Property Monitors report out today.”


Family First understands that small business is the lifeblood of the Australian economy, harnessing as it does, the energy, creativity and resourcefulness of many millions of people.

It is a truism that capital goes where it is made welcome and stays where it gets looked after.  Australia needs a political party which understands business and how markets work; how and why investment decisions are made.

“At this time, we have 2.1 million self-employed people.  That makes up 19% of workforce.” (Ken Phillips, National Conference at Adelaide, 2013). Small businesses make up 90% of that figure and employs a third of the entire Australian workforce.

Family First takes care of your families by taking care of your business. We aim to reduce red tape for small business, and fight for taxation arrangement to increase productivity and profit.


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