People’s Town Hall Debate: A Recap

“You may have noticed [something] on the Internet this week spreading like wildfire. It was one of the most amazing political commercials I have ever seen in my entire life. It’s the “Let’s all vote for Henry” jingle….it is fabulous. If you are on YouTube, just google Vote for Henry and you will find a pretty good ad.”
Paul Cook, co-host of West TV , People’s Town Hall Election Debate, 26 Feb 2013

In the People’s Town Hall Debate, questions were fired our way and I was pitched against Farida Iqbal (Socialist Alliance representative) in a battle of thoughts. Here’s the video:

Here’s a recap on how it went…

Issue #1 – Public Transport

QUESTION: In what ways could public transport be developed to greatly improve the quality of life in Perth?

Farida’s response:

  • Public transport costs are exorbitant.
  • The Socialist Alliance has a policy to support free public transport for the environment and for low income people, funded through public ownership of the mining industry.
  • When masses of people come together and stand up for something can achieve anything – “If we just think big, we can achieve it”.

My response:

“Being a businessman, I believe every business is entitled to the profits they make because of the investments they put in. For example in mining, we are talking about tens of billions of dollars. But Perth definitely needs a better public transport system, a more affordable public transport system. And that’s a lot that could be done along that line…I would encourage private ownership (of the mines) but we need a lot of money to pay for the lower income group. Mining royalties go back to the state. WA is in a boom situation where we are actually receiving a lot of funds from their mining royalties to finance the public infrastructure. It is a good thing because like we mentioned about transport. How are we going to fund infrastructure for transport if we don’t have these royalties from mining?”

Improve the life of families with an improved public transport system. FAMILY FIRST believes in the well-being of families, as it is a powerful barometer for the well-being of the nation. The rising cost of living for example in transport is putting more and more pressure on families, and we believe in helping families out.

Issue #2 – Elizabeth Quay

QUESTION: Tell me what you think, “Elizabeth Quay.”

Farida’s response:

  • Terrible waste of money – this whole development of the foreshore is costing a $1 billion.
  • The State Government has its priorities completely wrong and that $1 billion should go towards social services particularly the housing prices facing Perth.

My response:

“I support development because even though the government is putting in the infrastructure, at the end of the day they are inviting private enterprises to invest. In hotels for example, in Perth we have reached a situation where hotels are almost full…with high hotel rates. We do need more hotels…I was at the meeting in March when Premier Colin Barnett was in Singapore to open the WA Trade Office. He was openly challenging the Singapore businessmen to come to Perth to invest in the infrastructure.”

Increase jobs, help small businesses, expand infrastructure by developing Elizabeth Quays. FAMILY FIRST believes in creating employment – Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. We are committed to removing the barriers to entry to getting a job or working long hours. We believe for more job opportunities for young people. We like them to own houses and lead happy and prosperous lives.


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